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Sunday, November 5th, 2006
8:35 pm
haven't posted for some time. Had good stake conference today. Wouldn't mind hooking up with Taya Lanford she is an animal science graduate but don't use it right now. CAn talk her into working on farm though. Maybe and not nanny.

Been helping there cattle come and go all the time and are building corrals. Surgery been going on here too. Once over be better off though than before but it;s mental anguish. Read every book catch up on every tv show is basically all you can do.

Only went to one sessiion of stake conference though. Not too many people on mormon politics are conservative. I don't believe in taking bread from one person and giving it to another. Have to be willingly. And for taxes why would poorer people pay more taxes when richer people get cuts? Don't make sense to me.

Read article with alex nibley and some salt lake attorney thinking church causes them to vote democrat. Filter out what they don't agree with though. I don't know how it can if you think abortion is ok, Gay marriage, and spend spend spend. Hopefully republicans can keep congress.

Saddam sentenced to die. Going to be miserable in hell. Nice for war to end but iraqis are glad of us freeing them. ANd when freedom comes to middle east maybe the gospel will go there. Has to before second coming.
Thursday, September 28th, 2006
9:56 pm
Been helping with farm work. Saw a horse be put to death had broken leg couldn't get it fixed. SAd to see. Cattle come in constantly. Are constantly needing hired help too shorthanded. People don't stay. Maybe someone I know can get a job down here. Started chopping corn that won't last long. After much needed equipment work. My mechanical skills are slim to none with closer on the none side. Have ate at bar on occasion though not pleasent to go in.

Started a community here to counter the environmenat extremist human extinction movement. They think earth would be better without humans. Get there info from the devil. That would frustrate the plan of salvation if everyone lived like that. They have community here I started counter community called our earth. Anyone can join. I told the radical extremists there full of manure. Japan adn England do ok and are more dense it's bad government that causes starvation. Cement is done being poured now after corn will start on constructing the corrals. That should be done and days will be shorter. Won't mind a nonfarming job though. And would not mind haveing a job without structure were your not tied to a schedule. Those are the best. STill go to Hailey to church. NOt a whole lot of people there now. A few but singin and speaking can be kind of well not as good.

Death has entered now more. Sopmeone I went to school with at 31 died of cancer left a wife and two children. shared rides together. Haven't seen for some time though. You never know when you will be taken. some it's 90 something or 100 will they leave this earth yet others shorter. Always be prepared for what happens. Most will live a good life but not everyone sadly due to diseases and accidents and living life.
Saturday, September 16th, 2006
4:10 pm
haven't posted for a while. Helping move pipe at uncles place. They have a hard time getting people to show up. Or stay to work. Some last a week or less than complain about not getting enough. One cousin purposely took his time didn't last too long. Freaked out touching dead calf too. Interesting.

Pipe moving won't last much longer though. See what to do for work. My ideal jobs are structureless that is not required to be there at certian time and don't get to go home tell certian times. People in those jobs generally work more. But have freedom to nap, go to town, and go were they want. That is ideal. I would not mind working from home if possible myself. Absolute freedom of time. Though you have tasks to do still. Can relax and do them.

Missed some activities didn't know about tell to late wouldn't mind going to some though if I know when they are. BYU lost today I hate it when that happens.

Drives me crazy to think about the speed of time sometimes. A series of events but past present and future. It is something that can't be sped up or slowed down takes place.

Don't know what will happen with radio station either in Dietrich maybe will be here maybe not. Doubt games will be broadcast on it. That is what is going on for now.
Friday, July 14th, 2006
9:07 am
here is some kind of personality test I took. http://pyesetz.furtopia.org/meme-3col-output.php
Monday, July 10th, 2006
7:52 pm
Went and picked up mess at dairy today went to di other day also volunteered. Worked at one before but would rather work somewere else treated like a little kid and some people act like one there too employees that are technically trainees that is.

Supposed to train for real world but I think most people and bosses know how to behave at work. I would like to be self employed so I have control of my time though it is more risky and htey work more. No asking for time off during midweek. Being a football fan I hate working saturdays most of the time and besides it is a day when most big things happen and what happens during the week. 10 four or 12 three four I wouldn't mind either don't get crowds.

Maybe will sell heifer it calved last week so will lose money from half beef calf couldn't get it to sale sooner.

4th of july turned tragic. David hap epipelpsy so came home from his mission early. Was getting a job in the wood river valley. The fourth after breakfast went tubing with a couple of people. And had seizure there. I was thinking why would he be in the canal with seizures. But to his credit wouldn't let them slow him down. Didn't expect one there. Should of had life jacket.

However there will be good out of tragedy and President Kimball said tragedy or destiny. Only real tragedy is when people die who don't repent. Family doing ok. Funeral was great. I think it will get worse for them though before it gets better. Sister called and wanted to know were parents were and why. I didn't want to tell her from work and have her drive home. Finally did. I was nervous of her driving. However she was followed home and made it home safe. Better to tell her than have her hanging. And a joyful reunion is happening with grandparents friends and pognetirs on other side as well. Too bad he had to go so early.

Siblings that don't go to church some had questions maybe they will straighten up. I paced and looked at caller id tell I saw the paramedic peploe stop at bar. Of course they can eat like nothing happened after going through that are used to it I am sure. I could never be an emt always second guessing myself and have no stomach for it. But am grateful for them. People with may feel guilty but hopefully they can move on. NOt good holiday. But things should get better now.
Saturday, June 17th, 2006
8:33 pm
still putting things together took forever to get pump put together finally got it together in time to get water for lawn. Am taking care of animals while relatives on vacation. David had seizure and has to come home from mission early. That can be depressing for medical reasons. If for trangsression or past one major embarrasment. He may or may not be able to go back out to the field but family is on vacation and I was taking care of there animals. Wierd with all the missionaries in Dietrich home I had dream that Stewart had to come home. Good thing it was only dream though and most of my dreams are nonsense. Had weird dream were I made train engineer back up train. That is strange. as a kid I used to think being a train engineer would be great job but gone a lot. would be ok job though I think.

Have to give lesson in family ward of gospel principles tommorrow. Spend more time than I should on internet probably do meet a lot of friends that way though. Myspace.com have lots of strangers want to add me to there friends or send messages. Must be dating site however I can only date temple worthy people.

Did manage unmanageble clock at summer game took forever to do it did 8 minute quarters finally cause that is how we could do it kind of a pain. Did go to Pocatello and grace other day to deliver supplies and see debbie and lonny.

Saw some world cup games but soccer hard to get into for me it is. Had teacher in 5th grade all we played for pe was soccer in fall and spring was obsessed with it. I enjoy playing it but not fun to watch I don't think. NBA finals should be fine though to watch. Will probably be in lots of church tommorrow too.
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
9:49 pm
Went to church in Hailey was able to get some good conversations with some people. Internet was off for sometime. Tried to help at Uncles did some but many times played basketball not as much to do besides be a gopher. feel guilty about that.

Went fishing yesterday with ward I'm not much of fisherman though didn't catch any. Had trouble with the pole. I'm not much of an outdoorsman myself either.

Nba finals are blowout right now. someone stank up store when I was in it not good. Soccer world cup on I can't get into it that much. Nursing homes some people work double shift that can be a bit tiring I think. Though people went to double church that can be tiring as well.

things going ok here.
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
7:45 pm
Just moved in moving can be a pain. Things you never knew you had you use. and the boxes. Great to be moved though. Now I will probably need another job besides the farm. Won't mind moving though more dating oppurtunities.

Did break lawnmower belt hopefully it's only a belt mowing lawn. Probably spend more time on internet than I should. Rudy can't stand to be here but people there were gracious to let him roam the farm.

Went to Logan to temple yesterday with Hank as he is getting his endowments. Kind of long day. A group of people there. I was frantic because I couldn't find my wallet with it's temple recommend. That can be frustrating.

Found it in time though. And a lost passport. Found too. Losing things is a pain. Got a couple of free meals and people crashing at relatives houses. Can;'t complain about free meals but not fun to be on others schedules. However they need to visit there relatives.

Clip on tie was lost and I am not good at tying ties so had to rent one too. Made cousin tie it. I am not good at tying other things too.

I don't want to make light of sacred experiences funny though in temple short person was next to big person. INteresting when that happens. Cousin will be in field in a few days.

Will clean up things to go to di too. Some fun to play with others forget they were here tell it's too late. Looking at paper plenty of jobs I wouldnt mind doing. I wouldnt mind working out of home in office setting. Have freedom over your time. Has problems too work when you shouldnt and people think you have all the time in the world so contact you. That is it's drawbacks. Nba playoffs should be going good too. many 7 games. I love sports but most of what I watch isn't start to end will see begining but see drive or see tail end if it gets exciting. Hopefully there will be sports in heaven.

Still enjoy taking a nap in grass. WAs alittle fatigued too some times. walked to were sister had pigs. Nice walk along railroad tracks. Just don't take a nap on grass between them even if there is some distance. Engineer and conducter will wonder if a hoboe fell out and was killed or hurt. I do know of someone that commited suicide by stepping in front of train that poor engineer has to relive that traumatic experience than again people that take there lives don't care about that or people they leave behind generally. Particularly if they are all there mentally.

Then thinking if messing with railswitch a good way to get free room and board and cause union pacific thousands of dollars in damage. May be hard to do anyway. People that do pranks generally don't think of consequences first. Animals look ok. Life good will be better when married.

I sometimes feel guilty about things did and didn't do but hopefully will be in celestial kingdom. Like to see progression between kingdoms debate some says it will happen but I don't think so if so there is a chance our heavenly father an exalted man could apostatize. I wonder how much leeway we will have when we have our own worlds as to what we put on them our scientific laws what animals we can and cannot have on there. Deep stuff.

Christ suffered so we might not if we repent so yes even for me there is hope to be an exalted being with a good wife someday. Like to reflect and see future. For now do my best and a good place for me to relax and meditate is on a grassy surface. During Jesus's mortal sojourn when he neededto I am sure he did the same thing. Worked hard as carpenter and bringing souls to kingdom. When needed to meditate though probably enjoyed laying in Grass and communing with his father and getting the energy he needed restored so he could continue the work of his father. I have failed many times over doing what he would have me do but through proper repentance I can returen to his presence someday. Don't believe in eternal progression were a telestial can become terrestial and terrestial celestial someday but through repentance can be with him and the father.

ANd they are just Joseph Smith said same thing give us greatest reward we can handle and least possible punishment have infinite good characteristics.
Saturday, May 27th, 2006
10:45 pm
Moving is a pain looking at all the stuff you never used. Whats it doing there. Then hauling chests of drawers up and down steps what an adventure. I am worried about them falling down quiet frequently dropping. Weather isnt good for this time of year now. Not to mention the junk you throw away. People that grew up in great depression though don't throw things away. It is a relief to be moved though. There is just things you leave behind and other worries. Closer to some things now.

Radio Station projected to open in September. Down the road. Would be fun if they can stay in business. And another adventure someone was going to Germany got there and couldn't find passport thought they had it. Looked all over house for it. Had no choice but to come home. Old New Zealand passport was there. But finally after searching all over the place found it what a relief. Because though you can arrange flight schedules and such a passport if lost takes lots of time and money to replace.

Need to start lawnmower should of had it closer to battery charger. Since it rained may not need to water lawn for now. Do get to eat with basketbal team sometimes. School is out graduation is over now. I don't like going to the road then. I never went to my graduation party myself. only ceremonies I been too had a relatvie there.

The ceremonys for the most part are boring boring speaker parents staring at you and can't wait to get out of there usually. Who enjoyed sitting at them. Lot of interesting changes going on. NBA finals starging some good games though.
Saturday, May 20th, 2006
9:25 pm
Spent last couple of days moving things around and helping people move that takes a lot of time. Took gloves off and couldn't find them either so used bare hands to clean yard. Not fun when things stick. Did get our lawn mowed and ower back. Nice to see construction on Twin Falls temple. Took a heifer and got it dehorned too gross when some things come out. I did manage to watch preakness today too bad kentucky derby winner broke ankle. Hopefully can be good breeding horse but many times a broken leg for animal means euthanasia I seen that happen.

While driving cop had someone pulled over and waved us over however if we listened would of had head on collison I dont' think cop saw that. Some people were welcoming of place moving too I meant them before. Other people moving out seemed kind of complainy at times about things. Ok to visit with but just complained. Brother here for a week crazy enough to go to Navy. Good people go though.

Interesting to see peoples take on illegal immigration and such. Come here legally they are fine though. May have missed activity tonight. Hank going on mission so will probably here him speak instead of go to singles unit tommorrow.

Could of gone to Nampa with someone for companys sake but he was fine and people we helped move had help up there. I went to bar tonight to get soda. Not a good atmosphere there generally. But no vending machine away from anyway only source when your thirsty.

Nice when moved and settled moving is not something I particularly enjoy myself. stopped by an saw an interesting person myself don't know how many stories he tells are true or not.
Sunday, May 14th, 2006
9:32 pm
went to home ward today. dozed off in sacrament meeting. Interesting topics came up in sunday school about translation and such. got to talk to Stewart and phone line was ok. Brother home for now from navy. Will be for couple weeks. Finally got fence down. Dont know when horse will be taken out. Locked up since people are discing pasture. Had good conversations with people in the ward too. Need to go home teaching. Kind of tired now. I remember one time on my mission calling home. Two hours ahead and we got home from church and companion was on phone for 5 hours before I could get on phone. I was almost home anyway. Talking to girlfriend on phone. Didn't talk that long though to Stewart. Invited other people up to singles group. A few more people show up there now. Nice to meet a variety of people. Now trying luck at checkers as well. One of the speakers in church was married for 48 years and never had an argument. Said wife won't let him. Interesting I wonder that may get dull sometimes. Lawnmower people showed up on sunday to mow the lawn. I didn't tell them too but wish another day would be picked to mow the lawn besides sunday.
Friday, May 12th, 2006
11:12 pm
Ran out of old hay cows are eating new hay. Probably won't be moving pipe this year. See what other jobs are there. Was late to fireside other day coming home. It was good one though. Break the fast dinners while I question there appropriateness good ways to socialize. Can always listen to firesides on the internet now.

Getting older maybe next time I turn a wife to do it with. However presents, cake and celebrations are not a big deal for me anymore. Fun when you are younger though. I did get new glasses don't know if I will want to try laisere surgery.
Also got book called lenghetn your stride. Talks about presidency of Spencer W Kimball Rough stone rolling is in costco ought to get it.

see what jobs come available as you can only do so much cleaning. Small town politics and coaches coming and going interesting as well. Hard to agree on concensious with some people. Some students want to do a wallkout to. Interesting. Some are gathering aluminum her that will be nice to make money off of. Plenty of junk piles. Someone took a four wheeler too. Hasn't been used for some time. My mechanical skills in that regard are very limited just not something I was blessed with. thank goodness some people are though. that is life for now.
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
7:20 pm
lots of cleaning going on right now. Other people are running farm right now. This year with custom help can make pretty good money on hay I think. Will see what job oppurtunities await. 200 a month is a good deal for an apartment for the summer If I find a job wont mind it. Don't know how to take 12 hours 3 one day 4 the next. 10 4 I dont think is too bad either. Spend more time on golf course of bowling alley. Heifers should run out of hay don't know if we can graze them or not. One needs dehorned. Is pregnant. Horses are not here though someone bought an extra horse here. Went to town last friday saw lenghen your stride in lds bookstore the end of President Kimballs life. With teachings of the prophet and there bio's many are published long before they die. Curiosity I think causes that to be profitable though omits the later part of there lives. Sometimes I feel guilty about amount of time I spend on computer. I am an avid reader though and use it more often than not to disucss the gospel and study things. More conveneint than libraries. Distinguish between leisure and wasting time. It is amazing when some things you pick up have a hard time realizing there isn't more to pick up. Nice to clean up junk. My life times you scramble for things to do other times wonder how you can get everything done. I think that is the way most people live life though. Nice to absorb sunshine when its not too hot. I do get several advertisements for home based businesses. There are pluses and minuses to that. Plus have control of your time and can go to town when not as crowded. Bad you may neglect your family when they need you and they may be a cause to neglect your business as well. Has many pluses and minuses. If I have savy would not mind working in some of the media jobs as well.
life has good memories. Took Chris to church in Hailey sunday and another person had good conversations too. Pretty interesting conversations and around pretty interesting people good to talk to many of them.
Someone kept saying steve could you help take down sacrament realized he was talking to me and name isn't steve. Realized me. Going to talk to someone from fairfield. They can come to our unit though since wendell don't have there unit and fairfield is part of the wendell stake. Won't mind talking to her when I get chance. Ah interesting dating life.
Thursday, April 27th, 2006
8:54 pm
Quite a few junk is gone now. Much of it. Some people are farming here right now leasing it out. Have a few heifers to take care of. Maybe if I move to twin can see the construction of the twin falls temple. Saw it on video the groundbreaking rushed home to see it. Not a whole lot of people were here to do so.
Attendence to it was by invitation only. Stake conference good I only went to general session. I am bad that way been a couple of years since I attended more than general session. Sometimes was to attend priesthood session other times not. Need to do better.

Water is coming in canal I still haven't floated in it. Church up in Hailey is a way s away get to meet some cool people though. With other people farming a city job would be just fine. Interesting to see the playoffs now with jazz not in not as fun or celtics. I still wouldnt mind making it to a jazz game.

On www.ldsdigital.com an lds forum I really got in it when I said can someone believe in Adam and reject Noah noah and reject Abraham, Abraham and reject Moses, Moses and reject Elijah, Elijah and reject Malachi, Malachi and reject John the baptist, John the baptist and rejuct Jesus, Jesus and reject Peter james and john or jesus and reject Joseph Smith. They have the same revelator.

Some lds I think less active person said you can believe in Jesus and reject Joseph Smith. And it is hard for some people to fathom. Since God is no respecotr of persons it is hard for me to fathom he speaked in times past and don't know. If he tells one person Joseph Smith is a prophet and another he isn't than that would make God a liar.

I don't know if this is thing to do some former lds person has a tv show and website called www.bornagainmormon.com and uses mormon name. I visited it someone that can leave church but don't leave it alone. I don't mind listening to every man and answer sometimes laugh at what they say and he says.

I would think that most of the people that leave the church and apostasize have some sins in there life or they wouldn't. Because if you keep the Commandments of God you will have the lord's spirit with you and if you have the lords spirit with you you defintly won't doubt the work. They have lame excuses.

That usually comes from som eone who doesn't want to hear a living prophet garnish the sepluchhere of dead prophets yet stone living prophets and not be held accountable by pretending not to believe it. Truth don't change thoug h anymore than not believing in gravity don't change the fact it exists.

Since conference was sandwiched someone embarrisingly forgot they had the lesson. However other people were prepared. Missionaries are having a 40 day fast take turns. I hope missionaries have success. However can't take away anyone's agency or actions. And missionaries are not to aske friends or members of home ward to join special fasts forinvestigators and one fast is enough. I should of put it on regular fast day. Will call us too.

Time to mow lawn now if lawnmower will work. it can be a pain. Local politics county commisioner and such will be interesting in this community for may primaries too.
Monday, April 17th, 2006
1:44 pm
had stake conference easter sunday was good. Neil L Anderson spoke his family has done business with my family before though he wasn't involved in dairy business after leaving home. Much of his family came to stake conference. Said President Hinckley is in winter of his life still cancer in him will go to other side of veil soon. given age of course he will. He ran into him in elevator and the prophet asked him about shoes he needed to buy. Have concerns just like us. I didn't go to any meetings besides general session.

Groundbreaking for twin falls temple took place saturday. could of gone to celebration that night as well. However didnt. Attendence was by invitation only to it though due to traffic. Can watch dvd of it though that will be good. Talked to some good people at church as well. In stake conference there were chairs in front of the stage. We sat on the stage front row and i couldnt cross my legs without kicking someone right in front. Embarrasing particularly if You don't know them.

Times news no lets people comment on articles. Some scouts wrote letters against sempra and someone said she was proud she did maybe those scouts that wrote will find cures for global warming. Then said get info with internet and 500 channels. Media is an enforcer though people use it to enforce what they believe and filter out what they don't want to believe. Young peole are no diffrent. People figured me out when I used alieas. good temple will be in town.
Sunday, April 9th, 2006
10:54 am
Getting a little warmer out here. Still kind of cold. Have a few horses here don't know what will happen with cattle we have hear. People were on here with 4 wheelers would be fun to go four wheeling. Kids in some places out of school to protest illegal immigration. that is truancy I think. I worked iwth many mexican migrants who were hard workers however they came here legally and that is a diffrence. Many American or Gringos do work that they say they won't do.

Brother in navy his wife and daughter are with us for a couple of months probably move with him in september. Plenty of jobs in food processing wouldn't mind working at some of them maybe don't know about 12 hour shifts 3 and 4 day weeks ok jobs though. wouldnt mind just monday through friday ones as well.

Vance don't know when he can go on mission again or if will go back to urugay. Used a few herbs probably best to get it taken out his gall bladder can eat again normal and get on with life. I got my appendix out it was sore however felt better once they were out.

Stake conference next week. And temple groundbreaking. Won't be open to public due to traffic. However will be celebrations throughout the valley one at anderson lumber and will be videotaped. I am sure for dedication it will be broadcast to stake centers that will help traffic. Once open won't have large amounts of traffic or mass gathering at one time though be about as many people aas are in church parking lot maybe stake center. exciting for it to be open.

I need to look at brakets I made for march madness made a few Florida one. Ucla is good and George Mason made a run. wooden was in hospital. Legendary coach his age anything could hapen. Same with President Hinckley his age anything could happen too. Don't know if he will be around in October or not nice if he was. If not the lord is in charge. http://www.magicvalley.com/articles/2006/04/08/weeklyfeatures_saturday/features_saturday.1.txt

Heard russell m nelson remarried. He had 10 kids by first wife is an apostle. She died last year suddenly of a heart attack watching tv with her husband. He is 82 she is in her 50's old enough to be his daugther. I think he has daughters older than her. I was surprised he did given his age but probably tired of being alone.
Monday, April 3rd, 2006
12:01 pm
confrence was good. Dont know if this will be president hinckleys last conference or not. no good to speculate. nothing out of ordinary. I may have took out one of the new ga;s nieces though dont know.

Go on missions and treat all people good. For april fools was told brother had spider bite and had t come home. I didnt see anything on caller id though and he would have no idea of cell they called. said it wasnt april fools.

Turned out to be though later on some people didnt like that. Will break ground less than two weeks for tmeple dont know if i will be there or not I know someone whose ward has to make 57 dozen cookies for somethint at home depot that day.. A few people went to conference as ushers I didnt though. Dont like lines woulndt mind going there again though.

Final four will be great may go to fhe tonight and see some of it. see what else happens. excited for stake conference too.

woodpeckers like pecking on the house can be a bit annoying I think.
Friday, March 31st, 2006
8:56 am
Been raining here quite a bit lately I wish it would warm up a bit. Went home teaching learned that Twin falls temple groundbreaking is April 15th we will have a general and area authority at Stake conference that weekend. Rare to have two unless they are redoing the stake presidency. I dont think they will because 9 is the norm for a stake president and they have only been in 7. Besides if they break the ground wouldnt have time anyway Though partner wouldnt mind if he was released and called to a scoutmaster. Doesn't like public speaking.

I am looking forward to conference I like the afternoon session were they announce the new general authorities like to make predictions of who they will call and were they are from. Don't mind stat report either. Presiding bishopric audit report is boring though. Why do they doit in general conference.

Like the talks. There have been email rumors going around that this is President Hinckleys last conference so like King benjamin listen. Could be however the lord is more organized than third hand email accounts. And I dont think even he knows for sure unless he has a terminal illness when his last conference will be. So much for governing by rumor i guess. Will look forward to hearing them.
Sunday, March 26th, 2006
9:38 pm
Lonnie was here for awhile loved to watch annie a few times. I like to bug people singing it over and over again the songs though I dont watch it regularly. Went to wendell to unload towels some ups person asked me to sign something Since I didn't work there didn't think it would be good idea. Jaron was there and helped hid the keys a few times freaking people out. Restaruatnt we ate in was grease and forever waiting.

When you go through things it surprising what you haven't used books you never read will go to di and that place gets quite a few old books maybe some people read havent forever. Watched church ball the other day ok movie kind of cheesy.

church ok today not a whole lot of people there. I dont mind breaks in testimony meeting. Eating dinner is good way to socialize. Crystal is ok to go with up and down to hailey interesting person. singing isnt good no accompianment. lessons good. Power out last night it was out forever all over the place. I hate it when that happens eventually came on this morning. hate to work at power company then. When dark what can you do read in candles play games sleep wait for it to come on get in car and go somewere.

Some people maybe I should invite to singles group don't know yet. Like to study on lost tribes I dont think they are physically lost and will show up in the middle of the night and all that nonsense. Are being gathered right now and will walk highwya of righteousness. Lots of myths about them. They are being gathered by missionaries fromt he tribe of ephraim a lost tribe right now. the lord knows were they are and are in our mist. interesting happenings right now.

conference is coming up and interesting one of the people talking had the feeling this may be the last time in mortality we hear president hinckley. could be due to recent surgery. We don't know though thats not how revelation works any members testimony. But given his age could be however caravan moves on.
Monday, March 20th, 2006
10:51 pm
Snowing some days not others don't know what to make though the snow is gone real soon. Had a good ride to Hailey yesterday. Crystal went with us. Cant go with bishop group leader shouldnt anyway when no one is around. Need to avoid appearence of evil.

Good talk with her interesting life to get tangents on women being raped and murdered talking of why sisters cant have cars in some areas sister missionaries. Funny thing happened at church yesterday the phone rang and some kid from one of the ards said we need the missionaries both the sisters started to leave he said they only need one didn't know the rule I guess. Rule was explained to the kid as sunday school was in chapel. Joseph did forgive his brothers and it came for there good. Misfortune of him saved him and his posterity what we are part of.

Crystal wanted to pet calves will be able to if it is nt muddy. Like the horses too didnt have anything to do at her house came to dietrich to robins. Going throug house it is amazing the things you accumulate and go years without using.

books and movie you used to read but haven't touched in years some things go to di others go to dump. di gets a lot of dump stuff though aren't supposed to.

Working there can be an interesting experience. Interesting people there. Many can't get jobs anywere else that is why they are there. People that threaten to end there life cause no one likes them, some with not the skills. It is interesting good organization but I have no desire to work there again.

Someone commented on how it didn't smell good. Many workers ahve hygiene problems that is why and clothes though cleaned can be not smeelling good either.

I once bought an electric razor from there won't do that again though. hurt skin. I wouldn't mind working for dell if I have the skills or a place like that will see what happens.
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